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We are in pole position to lead the battery cell premium segment

We operate at the nexus of innovation and high-performance volume manufacturing. With our combined strengths in material R&D, cell design innovation, and process and manufacturing technology, we are uniquely positioned to bring highly differentiated innovations to market and deliver customer-centric premium battery technology at scale.


years experience in cell & process innovation, design & development, and production


dedicated and highly skilled professionals


electrified customers in automotive, aviation, maritime, and more

We innovate and industrialize customer-centric premium battery technology

CustomCells enables its customers along the entire value chain—from the initial idea, through material selection, prototyping and pilot production, to industrialization, project planning and commissioning of gigafactories. As a recognized premium partner of major automotive manufacturers, we are now also driving the electrification of the aviation sector with our innovations. Based on strong intellectual property, an excellent partnership network, and continuously improved processes, we are first to market with outstanding technology and pioneering solutions.

As a battery development and industrialization accelerator, we offer a full spectrum of capabilities, combining technical acumen, hands-on experience, and process expertise. Bridging the gap between cutting-edge R&D and high-performance volume manufacturing, we help our partners to accelerate and de-risk cell and process design, prototyping, pilot manufacturing, and serial production ramp-up, positioning them at the forefront of battery technology. Through our customer-centric and integrated approach, from cell design to full-scale production, we ensure enhanced control over pivotal components in the value chain and provide the agility to tap into next-gen premium cell technologies, championing the next wave of battery innovation.

We specialize in high-performance volume manufacturing of modular cell technology. With our advanced modular tech and manufacturing platform, we combine low complexity with high flexibility, ensuring our cells are meticulously tailored to our customers' specific needs and preferences. Whether it is power density, energy density, cycle stability, certification and safety, or time-to-market, we fine-tune each aspect to perfectly match performance requirements. With our products, we create specific USPs for our customers, setting benchmarks in the premium segment that few can match. As part of our commitment, we ensure consistent quality, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness throughout the product's lifecycle.
Projects & services

We deliver services and solutions tailored to our customers' needs, whether that means spearheading an entire cell development journey or focusing on individual segments of the battery cell value chain as bespoke projects. With a vast experience base from over 2000 projects across diverse industries, we have executed benchmarks for numerous materials, ensured rapid and holistic material sourcing, and provided robust IP protection. Our approach to cell development begins right from raw materials. Our strong supplier network, IP expertise, commitment to ESG and circular economy approaches, and deep understanding of regulation and certification adherence solidify our position as a trusted and reliable partner in the battery technology landscape.

We offer a competitive edge in electrification and decarbonization

We bring premium battery technology to automotive leaders, aviation pioneers, and other industry frontrunners. As a battery development and industrialization accelerator with over a decade of industry expertise, we enable our customers to bring their most ambitious electrification projects to life. Together, we drive impact at scale for both people and the planet. 

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